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Why didn't I look this up on the Internet earlier? I sincerely thank everyone who's posted helpful messages on this forum. I had two bottom wisdom teeth extracted two weeks ago. My doctor (a recent graduate and a first year resident) struggled from the very beginning, poking the anesthesia needle through my chin by mistake and ending up calling his senior faculty doctor to complete the extraction of one tooth. Post surgery, he told me I should come back if bleeding continues beyond two days, else just rinse my mouth with salt water. Bleeding continued for five days, and I went to see the doctor. He got some food particles out and said I had dry sockets. He stuffed gauze soaked in clove oil (Eugenol) into both sockets. He said it would heal soon and no post op visit is necessary. Two days later, the gauze came out of the sockets and then again I started feeling this excruciating pain. I went back to the clinic and a different doctor came to see me. This doctor seemed more knowledgeable. He did the dry socket packing for me and said I should come back if it hurts again. Today I went back again for re-packing for one tooth. After I came home, the other one came out of the socket and there goes again... it started hurting like hell. I searched online and here I am. Why didn't my doctors mention that I could go buy Eugenol off the shelf from drug stores at a very reasonable price and do the packing myself? Each time I went to see a doctor, I had to endure a 2-3 hour wait. If this is something people can easily do at home, why aren't the doctors telling people go do it yourself and don't waste my time! In any case, after reading numerous posts on this forum, I immediately went to a local Walgreens and got the Red Cross Toothache Kit. I followed the instructions from this website, half hour after applying it, pain is gone. I understand that this pain relief is temporary and has nothing to do with healing. Regardless, this is extremely helpful and I thank everyone for sharing their experiences.

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Yea I packed my own socket with gauze and clove oil I got sick of food getting stuck in the socket. It really helped with eatting, and the pain. To much of a hassle to keep having the doc do it.

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