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my name is kelton, im 14 years old. i live in raleigh N.C. i go deer huntin every day, and collect red bugs (chiggers) on the way. what i recomend and my dad is to rub all ur bites with hydrogen peroxide. then rub all ur bites with alcohol. its will sting like CrAzY and feel a little itchey or funney, just pat it down with a towl. (DONT RUB). and thats it. thanks 4 reading :)

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Thanks for the advice which did work very well. As for your spelling and grammar though... study harder it will make you a better person.


Sweetheart that posting was awesome but the person who said to you that you should work on your spelling and grammar to make you a better person know they are ignorant within. Its literal self of the meaning! Most likely some arrogant twit who was raised by a nanny because obviously their mother or father didn't take the time to instill core values! Sorry but people just make me angry


Thanx for the post on chigger bites. As for the rude comment regarding your spelling, ignore it. This site is not the place to make insulting comments, especially to young men who are trying to be helpful to others. My son, at 14, was a smart, kind, funny, charming young man and a poor speller. He is now a successful businessman. Thank God for spell check!

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