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Ok..I come from a line of women that believe a lot in home remedy.
I have my first child ten years ago and right after I had here, the weight was on and off, and eventually I started to notice the dimples behind my legs. So I went running to my grandmother so here it goes.

In a pot boil water about 1 gallon.
1 Ginger Root cut in 4 pcs.
8 leaf of Lemon.
6 leafs of Mint.
1 cup of Apple Cider Vinegar.
1/2 cup of coffee ground.
1 tablesppon of canyenne pepper.
6 leafs of peppermint.

Bring to a boil and drain all the liquid into another clean pot. Place 6 bandage wraps inside the hot pot w/ liquid(u can buy at the 99cents store in the bandages and first aid aisle) take the pot into your shower, it can get messy. Take on bandage and squeeze just a bit of liquid not to much liquid now wrap one bandage one by one, usually three in thigh. The warms the better not to hot you may burn your skin, place two wraps of plastic to hold the heat locked in. Leave on for 25 min. Drink plenty of water afterwards. Lay off fatty foods for the period of the wraps. Especially dairy after 7pm. It won't work unless you take care of yourself in the inside.
It work wonders for me and on top I lost 15 lbs and so far kept it off.

Good Luck Ladies =)

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where do you find the lemon leaves?


What is the period of time to do these wraps and how long does one leave the wrap on?


how many times a week do we have to do this?


How long do you do it for?


usually you only do 1 wrap every 2 weeks. I am not the one who posted this recipe, but I know body wraps - so keep it at about 2 a month. If you have never done one before BE SURE to have someone in the home at the time you do one. This wrap warms up your insides and you can over heat yourself! Be sure you are able to get help if need be!


Do the coffee grinds have to be used? Or can u just use them straight out the bag?


About 7 months ago I lost over 60 pounds. I have always had trouble with cellulite for as long as I can remember. I think it started at the age of 13. My upper body is not as bad cause I am smaller on top than from the waist down. Bigger hips and large thighs. Even with the weight loss I still have unsightly cellulite especially on my thighs. My problem now is not only cellulite but loose saggy skin from weight loss. I have tried creams and have done the coffee grounds which seems to help make my skin smoother and tighter but not really enough to make me happy. My mom order me a Galvanic Body Spa and within the first few weeks I saw a difference. The loose skin is really looking a lot better and a huge improvement with cellulite. I am using it on several parts of my body because with the weight loss I have many problem areas. Creams, and coffee grounds cannot help my problem. I found this website explaining it It also had some info on reviews. Apparently it is new.

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