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i had one show up and it just got worse and worse. i was dignosed with hpv about 6 yrs ago and it was the strand that causes cancer so i was extremely sad when i bump showed up. i went to my gyno and the didnt know if it was just a ingrown hair or a hpv wart, they burnt it off with the acid and it didnt hurt nor turn white so they didnt know what it was. they acid removed it but it came back bigger and worse. i went and bought dr.s w remover to use cause i read all of the peoples statesments swearing by it..i looked in my medicine cabient and saw that i have citric acid 10% and was like shoot let me try that before i risk scaring and its working withing mins it was strinking and disappearing!! yaayyyy, this whole time i had the treatment in my fridge!

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i wonder if eating oranges and other things that are high in citric acid would work. how did you apply yours? did you injest it or put it on a q tip im very curious to know

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