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mark saunders

Baking Soda

Make a paste with the baking soda and water. Apply the paste to the skin where poison ivy is. The paste will dry and fall off. As the paste dries, it will help dry up the poison ivy.

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PI on stuff

is it suppose to burn it friggin hurts


soak in the tub with a cup or two of baking soda it will work just as good as the paste but without the burning.


it fucking burns in the tub too you idiot.


it does burn, but so did the stuff from the pharmacy. at least this stuff is cheaper and it seems to be working better than the stuff they sell to treat poison ivy. calomine is a crock.

itchy&scratchy no more

never had a case of posion oak/-till now- have tried all the over the counter remedies- then a friend told me to use table salt and baking soda-50/50 split mixed with water to make a paste then scrub the dickens out of the itchy spots- ahhhh that felt so good and they already look better after doing it 1 time-better than being at work all day with pink legs from calamine lotion!!!


My son just got poison ivy yesterday evening. He was covered in it. I started making him a bath by running warm water and sprinkling 1 cup of baking soda in to dissolve. Then, got the water as cool as he could stand it and let him soak in it. He came out with barely any left. He's in another bath now to see if we can get rid of the rest.


it does burn but i am feeling alittle better but still look red as ever and some spots are still itchy. haven't tryed the bath yet but am willig to try that as well just to get rid of this stuff so i will feel better.

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