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I'm a doctor but this has never been taught to me in medical school. I have problems with ingrown nails during skiing season. The technique described has been previously reported but it is worth repeating. It was taught to me by a former classmate who deals with this problem frequently.

If you are an early stage ingrown toenail, the key objective is to reduce lateral force extending your nail into the sides of your nailbeds so the nail will grow straight out again

To do this, take small sharp scissors (I use a swiss army knife scissor) and cut a 'V' into the middle of your nail. It doesn't have to be wide (maybe 1/8' but it does have to be as deep as you comfortably can without injuring the nail bed. Over time, side pressure will be relieved and the nail will grow straight.

A second option (which has not worked as well for me) is to taken a knife and back stroke a strip along the center of the nail to scrape the keratin off the nail and making it thinner. If you scrape it sufficiently, the nail will become thin and pliable and can bend and buckle to relieve the lateral stress of the ingrown toenail. You can use both the V and the scraping strip together to relieve the pain of the nail. In both cases, once the nail is freed from the ingrown site and growing again, it will completely regenerate in 2-3 months.

Most important is PREVENTION: when you clip your toes, clip them in a straight line so that the ends of your toe nails extend beyond the skin on the side of the nail. Most ingrown nails occur when you cut your nails very short and slides are cut in at an angle following your toe. In this case, the center of the nail is longer than the sides. As the nail grows, it will naturally grow laterally as well as forward and since you've tightly clipped your nails at the sides, the nail will grow into the skin. Good Luck!

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My husband has been doing the first option for years, cutting a small 'v' in the toenail. It works for him.


My father taught me this trick when I was in my teens. He said he learned it while in the navy in WWII. It has always worked for me. I read one web page which said to cut the V to the side of the nail away from the ingrown side. I don't think it makes a difference as long as you you cut it nice and deep into the tip of the nail.


I tried this and cut the small V and then took a good nail file and filed the top of my toenail down to make it more flexible. It took all of 3 minutes total and the pain immediately stopped. It has been 3 weeks and still no pain. I took nail scissors and cut away the calloused skin on the path where the nail will grow back just to help. I caused the problems several years ago by cutting the nail too short. This has saved me - thanks so much!!!!


Hi again- about 7 months later and still no problems or pain. I file the tops of the nails occasionally as they are very thick. The 'V' has grown out but no pain and that pain did stop within a few minutes of the original process.


Does anyone realize that your nail grows from the base (i.e 'bed') out? Cutting a 'V' shape doesn't accomplish anything except making your toes ugly. It does not relieve pressure 'as it grows' because, as I said, your nail does not grow from the sides & out. It grows from the base. Just because you experienced relief does not make it a scientific fact.


Your toe may not grow from the top but the ingrown nail is never at the very bottom it's at the middle where it gets wider. It may not be a scientific fact but if it relieves pain, hey it's worth a try. I am going to try it!


Cutting a 'V' does work!!!!!!!!


Let me just say I've been battling with this for a while and have read about the 'v' cut and never thought it would help. But I just tryed it and almost instant pain relief. It seems to relieve the pain wonderfully and now to focus on growing the nail right


Well I just tried this and will have to wait to see if it works. My nail had orginally fell off last May when I dropped something on it. It just started growing back in the last few months so the nail is not that long but I was able to make a little v but was a bit hard to do. If it works that would be great as my toe is so sore. The doctor gave me a cream to use as it is infected too.

Silvano 17yrs

Your 'scraping' method saved my life.I was able to remove the nail.I've already had the surgery and my nail was'nt supposed to grow outward anymore since they applied some chemical but it still did.

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