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I've suffered from restless legs for at least 30 years and also had leg cramps as a child. It became progressively worse after I retired to the point that I was unable to stay in bed more than 2 hours at a time. It was especially bad on the days when I worked out with weights at the gym. I was on lots of natural supplements seeking some kind of remedy, but I was still unable to relax at night. I had to stand up to watch TV. One day I was talking with a young, muscular man who works at Natural Grocers about natural sleep aides and described my symptoms. He asked if I had ever tried magnesium. I said that I was taking calcium/magnesium supplements 4 times per day but thought, perhaps I was overdoing the calcium as I also get lots of calcium in dairy products. He explained that calcium helps muscles contract while magnesium makes them relax. He suggested that I up my magnesium intake with Ionic Fizz. From that day on, I have discontinued the calcium/magnesium supplements and use the Ionic Fizz before bed at night (it dissolves in water). It has completely stopped the restless legs and I sleep like a baby. I go to bed at 10 and wake up at 6 or 7 a.m. I hope everyone suffering from restless legs will give it a try! I feel overjoyed with my new 'normal' life!

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Absolutely agree!
For all who suffer by all means try magnesium. I was also taking Calcium-Magnesium for long time when I heard about Natural Calm which is in fact powder magnesium. So I bought 100mg MAGNESIUM pills and crushed them, took just once a day - effect was immediate - twingling, aching in my legs reduced almost to zero!!!
I still occasionally get up at night , because I got insomnia over all this years when Canadian doctors in billion- dollars CANADIAN health system were unable that to detect magnesium difficiency in my system!!!
What a shame 5-year university trained doctors could not detect this!!!
Plase, crush the magnesium pill in your mouth, it is sweet , do not buy expensive magnesium powder.
Miroslaw Ciesla

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