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Its 2.25 am and this is night 2 of my second abcess episode. Last time it was my tooth, now it's in my tooth/jaw - OW..

My pain is helped a LOT by holding a hot water bottle (as hot as I can take) underneath my jaw (I was previousky using a towel - but a bottle is much better) This 'releases' the pressure in my tooth. Coldness has the opposite effect for me - makes it much worse.

The pain is caused by swelling from the bacterial infection. The heat seems to loosen things up - absolute life saver for me.

The recommended combination of antibiotics is amoxicillin plus metronidazole. Thus spoke my dentist. I am having surgery in two days time. Takes 48 hours minimum to starting killing the infection.

I would be sceptical of other antibiotic combinations mentioned here.

Get antibiotics as soon as you can - the quicker you start the quicker the infection will go.

Good luck everyone.

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Mecha G

I had a bad tooth abscess for about 3 years, pain and pus every day! I had to do something fast it was killing me.

The doctor gave me amoxicillin and after 10 days it seemed to go down.

4 days later it came back...

I got colloidal silver and oil of oregano and that saved me!

Also, I put garlic extract liquid on the gum were it was everyday now just so it wont ever come back.

3 weeks now, so far so good no pain.


heat causes infection to spread.

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