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I had an ear ache and felt like I was going deaf in one ear. The pain/deafness lasted for about 2 days before I started getting really worried. I have no insurance or $ to go to the Docs. I thought it might be swimmers ear which would've been bad because THOSE meds are EXPENSIVE! First I tried cleaning out my ears completely by laying my head sideways and pouring Hydrogen Peroxide in it and sitting for about 5 mins. THIS DIDN'T WORK

I read about an HERB that helps: GINGKO BILOBA... I found it at Wal-Mart in the health food/ herbal section. I took 1 pill of this WONDERFUL herb and the pain went away COMPLETELY within an hour!!! My hearing was back to normal as well.

From what I've read, ear aches and pain are related to not having enough blood flow to your ear(s). Gingko Biloba speeds up your blood flow (Don't worry it's not like 'speed' haha) and makes your overall blood flow better.


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