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I can CONFIRM that the tea/teabag trick WORKS. I did a combination of BOTH because I wasn't going to waste tea.

So, I boiled up some water made a cup of tea and let it steep for about 14 minutes, took the tea bag out and kept pressing it against the painful area and surrounding gums and cheek. In my case it was the bottom wisdom tooth on the left side and pretty difficult to reach or deal with.

When I took the tea bag out I would drink the tea holding the liquid in my mouth around the painful area for about 10 secs per sip before I swallowed it. So, I can't tell if it was the tea bags or drinking the tea itself that worked but it DID! It reduced the pain DRAMATICALLY and has a sorta numbing effect.

Looks like I'm going to be drinking tea all damn day.

P.S. I would say the 'stronger' the tea the better, like a bold BLACK tea should do good. I've also read that GREEN tea is good. I tried both.

Note: BEFORE I did the tea trick which, in retrospect, I wish I would've originally done. I tried Canker Sore gel in an attempt to numb the area out. This was only effective for about 15 mins before it would wear off and, believe it or not, in some cases, it made the pain worse because it seemed to draw attention to the painful area and my jaw/head throbbed even worse.

I also tried the gargling and swishing around warm salt water trick. This only helped out for about 5 mins and left me with a god awful taste in my mouth.

I also tried the hydrogen peroxide trick which only helped for about 10 mins and left me with a god awful taste in my mouth.

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Just having black tea without suger works for me, i got instant releif.Thanks a lot...



My husband was in extreme pain. I bought Advil, and both teas (green&black) then gave him a hot tea bag....He Just fell asleep....


it's kinda working. right now at this moment i'm trying with green tea(the only kind i have for now) my tooth hurts like heck! but it seams to be working a bit, i feel alot better than before. the funny thing is that my mouth is kinda small and i'm aving issues trying to fit the tea bag next to my right bottom wisdom tooth... thank alot though :)


I always do the black tea bag i make a cup and then i take the tea back out sit it right next to my gum and tooth that hurts. Every time it works well for me. i also as it sit in my mouth for a period of ten minutes i swish around the tea for tea secs then spit it out. After the tea bag i drink the warm cup of tea, I also take two ibuprofen 600 mg tablets.. and it works perfectly for me...


I have been having the worst tooth pain off and on for about two months now. I have a terrible fear of the dentist but sucked it up and went on Monday. They couldnt see me because they were too busy and my face wasnt swolle. I have tried everything, Tylenol rapid release gels, Motrin, Antibiotic for 10 days, and was even prescribed percocet 5mg and believe it or not that only helped for an hour! I dont know what kind of pain this is but its very annoying and i have slept a total of 6 hours in 5 days! By the way you are right! Kanka is terrible. Lasts maybe 15 minutes and I believe that it does draw the pain in. I will try your tea trick and pray with my life that I actually get some sleep. My little girl could sure use a normal mommy right now

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