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Coat the hair in mayonnaise and leave on for a minimum of two hours. Wash out and comb through hair. This will not only kill the lice, but it also helps remove the eggs much easier!

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I sit here with my waist length thick hair all mayo'd up,using chopsticks to keep the bun on top of my head, and wrapped in 2 plastic grocery bags and a beach towel wrapped around the bags.I'll keep it on overnight and use the suave coconut shampoo and conditioner in the morning (after using the Dawn dishsoap to remove the mayo.)Wish me luck!!!


my daughter is infested with lice right now ... she is sitting on the bedroom floor hed covered in mayo and a plastic bag ...wish me luck for now on i will buy coconut shampoo for her to wash and rinse her hair with ..


Hello, I thought when I was 14 that my mom was crazy for putting mayo in my hair but it seem to work and now 10 years later I have 2 children 3 and 2 and guess what they caught lice, well I freaked out and instantly called my mom and she said 'remember when we would put mayo in your hair?' and I'm thinking Oh yeah you try putting mayo in a 2 year old's hair... well needless to say I tried it and it worked and guess what? My daughter does not like mayo, she says to me when we go out and get sandwiches to make sure they don't put mayo on it... but YES the mayo works GREAT...


I tried the mayo last night on my 5-year-old son. I used RID on him on wednesday night . I followed the directions that came with this product. Last night when i combed his hair again i found live lice on his head. After using the mayo last night I combed his hair out this morning and I did not see any live lice. I an going to use the coconut shampoo and conditioner too. I am hoping that this will get rid of those pesky critters. It seems to be working.


This mayo redmedy really works. I discovered that my daughter had lice last night. I put mayo in her hair last night and left in on over night. This morning the lice combed out easily. She has no nits either. I am also washing her hair with coconut shampoo and conditioner. Someone else said to also use Denorex. I think i will use that as well. I will never waste my money on the over the counter products anymore. I am so glad I stumbled onto this website!!!!!!By the way there is a lotion called Lindane that is prescribed by doctors to treat lice. DO NOT USE IT. It is toxic. I read that it can cause seizures in children.

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I must be doing something wrong b/c I can not find anything to get the bugs out of the head. I bought the Nix(42 bucks)and tried to run the comb through the hair. My kids both had live lice crawling around. I took them to the Dr. the next day only to be given a RX for medicine that was going to cost me 100 bucks. I got online and tried the 50/50 water and vinegar. That did not work. I tried the oil, that did not work. I have tried the mayo, that has seemed to kill the bugs but I can't get the eggs out of the hair any easier. So when the kids go to sleep it's like the eggs that I am not getting are hatching b/c I'm finding new little bugs in the hair in the AM. I'm at my wits end...I have cleaned the house from ceiling to carpet, put things in bags, and I am even doing the laundry and bedsheets every day in hot water along with vacuuming the house. I think I will try the Listerine treatment next.


I have been having trouble with lice for awhile, and everytime I tried those expensive brands they would come back. I have gotten lice before and put mayo and mouthwash on my head and left it only for acouple of hours and they were gone, I wasn't itchy at all. Then I got them back after several months of being cleared by a little girl and every since then I haven't gotten rid of them. But I used the mayo again and it works.

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