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Coat the hair in mayonnaise and leave on for a minimum of two hours. Wash out and comb through hair. This will not only kill the lice, but it also helps remove the eggs much easier!

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this works great we have been using this remedy for the last few years, I almost did myself in one school year with pesticides and reoccuring lice using rid and nix. Treating myself and my 3 children and another family's children I was extremely sick and went broke buying the stuff... then someone suggested the mayonaise treatment I had to do something different I was caught in a cycle of waiting for more to hatch and reinfestations. I bought 2 jars of mayonaise for $1.50 each and a pkg of 6 plastic shower caps for $1.00 at dollar general and one jar did my three girls with medium-long length hair I used half a jar on my own curly mop. I doused them good and let it set a couple hours washed it right out with dawn dish soap and creme rinsed them, I picked their heads with the nix comb and found 2 bugs that weren't quite dead, with pesticide shampoos I always found a dozen or so still thriving and more would hatch in a few days, with the mayonaise once usually does it suffocates critters and eggs, of couse you want to keep an eye out for a while in case you missed one or two, be sure you do yourself and your spouse & let your friends in on it too so you don't get them again,


thank you, someone told me that this didn't work, but I am going to try this anyway. My daughter has extra long hair and wouldn't dream of cutting it. I have my fingers crossed.

Monica Blatt

My 2 small children had gotten headlice really bad the doctor said to leave the mayo. on for 12 hours to make sure the lice are dead...It's best to do it at night while the children are sleeping.Put a shower cap on so it don't get all over there beds..IT WORKS!!!!!!!!!!!


How do you dill with the smell of if at night,and thoses sshower caps how it keep those on all night with out getting all over the place and your self. my kids sleep all wild i would'nt know how to keep the shower cap on all night.


To stop the shower cap from moving? Duct tape, but avoid contact to hair and skin (ouch).


I tried this on myself four years ago and it was the only thing that worked. And as I sit here My four year old daughter caught another batch of lice and she has her hair mayoed up. The best thing is to sleep with it overnight and wash it out in the morning. Worked once and I hope it will work again


I just spent all day with my three kids hair in mayonnaise - along with mine, too. We bought conditioner caps to cover it up (Wal-mart). We left it in for 7 hours. Only one of the kids ended up having lice (they all seemed to be itching before). The lice were all dead in her hair and were easily removed. This worked very well!! We bought the Suave Coconut shampoo and conditioner to rinse out with (because of the rosemary and coconut oils in it) - and we are lice free!! Great home remedy-we have tried everything before - and this was the best.


I have tried the garlic remedy and that has only worked to get them out but not to kill them. I am going to try the mayonaisse treatment on my girls who have been fighting with me for months now on this. Cleaning everything in the house every week and still having the lice. I hope this works because I don't know what else to do. They keep coming back.


This worked GREAT!! The Nits were just sliding down the hair by the time we were done. Only left it on for 4 hours and just wrapped a plastic grocrie bag around the top her head and tied it off..

James R Indianapolis

I just tried the mayo overnight on my daughter and myself. I also tried Rid and Nix in the past and they did not work. I checked my daughters hair after treatment with the mayo and found about 20 lice in her head, but they were all dead except one!!! I was so blessed. I just checked her head again and found 3 nits I must have missed but no bugs. I will use this again if it ever becomes necessary.

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