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The complete cure for HPV in any stage of this disease including the high risk strains is six months of interferon injections WITH aloe vera propolis and B-complex. Without the aloe vera propolis and B-complex the cure rate is not 100%. This is cure not treatment or remedy. For the published results go to pubmed dot gov and type in 'aloe vera hpv' without the quotes.
Aloe Vera works because it contains polysaccharides which aid in the communication of the immune system via nitric acid and stimulates macrophages 10 fold. A vaccine based on this concept developed by ISA pharmaceuticals uses synthetic long peptides which is basically exactly the same thing as polysaccharides except they are synthetic. Its called synthetic long peptide (SLP) technology.
The vaccine is less effective than using interferon injections with aloe vera propolis and B-complex. Here is how the interferon injection fare without aloe vera propolis and B-complex:
Go to hemispherx dot net and see the results there.

Notice it says no recurrence in 76%... With aloe vera propolis and B-complex it worked in 100% of the patients (which is rare in clinical trials), and also notice that HPV was not present in the tissue after 6 months. 100% cure.

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hemispherx is a scam.


It wasn't a scam.
Google 'pubmed' and click the .gov site, then search for 17177657 (study's ID, it won't let me post the link here.)
This is a 100% scientific study.
I felt like I needed to post this to help people. I don't know what fun that guy got out of dissuading people that are probably really upset from an actual cure but it is a cure.

Other things that have been shown to help are green tea and an extract from shiitake mushrooms, AHCC.
So order some Japanese food, put the kettle on, rub in some Aloe and propolis, take some vitamin B complex, and try to relax. You can get past it.

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