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Shea Butter works wonders. I bought Dove Cream Butter, Shea Butter (for extra dry skin) at CVS yesterday and applied it to my stretch marks both last night, and this morning. When I woke up, I saw immediate changes in my silvery (old) stretch marks. They look so much less noticeable its amazing!! The purply stretch marks are a tiny bit less noticeable, but not as much as the older ones, which is weird because I thought that the older ones took longer to heal but thats not the case with me! I'm so happy to see improvements after just one day, it's incredible. I hope the purply ones will fade down to almost nothing too, but it will just take some time. I'll re-post again soon to tell you guys if my stretch marks are even more faded by then or not.
I saw other posts saying creams that contained shea butter as their main ingredient, so thats why i bought it at the store. i guess you don't even need to make some complicated cream with a million ingredients or spend a fortune on fancy brands. Shea butter will really do the trick! I never believed in miracle creams or fast acting anything but this is truly incredible!!! you can probably get any kind of shea butter brand but Dove works amazingly!!!

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How much does it cost?


It's around $8 but it comes in a pretty big size, so it will last you awhile


Please let us know how it goes!


This is so fantastic to hear! The white ones are the ones I want to get rid of. I have tired everything, so please tell us your progress!


I do not believe you. This can not be repair in a day or so.


I just can't believe it is this fast.I have been trying to get rid of them since 3 months. I believe mine are older marks and hence might need some other therapy. I was surfing the net today and found this site Can laser treatment solve my problem?


Okay guys, so it's been a couple of months and I have noticed the stretch marks fade a ton!! No, they're not totally gone but they have gone down so much from before, it's amazing. I thought the cream worked better for the older silvery marks, but I think I just saw them fade faster because the newer, darker marks took awhile to fade down. So it really works better for the newer purple stretch marks, it just takes a month or so for the color to go away. Now, my purple marks are completely gone and my silvery marks are still there but much more faded and not easily visible for other eyes. I have also lost about 15 pounds since I first posted so that could have really helped my stretch marks to shrink down as well but the cream did work really fast and helped to fade the marks down.


i have a question do you use both the shea cream and the dove cream because im 15 and i have really bad embarsing stretch marks on my boobbs and you can really tell so please email me at for directions thanks a lot i'm realy excited to try it out

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