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Boy, do I have a doozie for ya…

I had a wart on my finger for YEARS.
Any time I tried the liquid-burn method, it would just grow bigger.
It didn’t help that I was picking at it periodically.

Anyway, my friend had a little Buddha statue,
And, told me that your supposed to rub his belly and make a wish.

When his mom called him for dinner,
I stayed in his room and rubbed my wart on the belly.


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you Jack ass, that isn't funny


Oh my God! It WAS hilarious....! The previous respone above made it even funnier!

I don't think any harm was intended and so, if you LOL, then better for the universe!

Albuquerque, New Mexico


WOW!! Are you kidding me!? A budha statue for the saviour. . holly freaking crap! lol lol OMG! thats just to funny. . . . hahaha. hmmm will i have to getme one of those. where do i find one of those?If this is the truth. thats outrageously incredilbe. . . damn! tell me the truth.... i wanna know, where are those things. . cutesy little budha. doing the cures for everybody.

the last serious person on the planet

really? are you all so freaking retarted to laugh at this? this just shows me how full of morons the world is.


Do not be so quick to judge this person! My Dad totally removed my brothers warts by a process he calls beaning them. Here is what he did spit on a dry bean threw it over his left shoulder and warts gone in two weeks ( true story). Here's what he says happens bean rots and so do warts. He was however a tobacco chewer in those days so maybe content in the chew had something to do with.

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