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To help prevent leg cramps I suggest 2 Tums a day and a banana before bed. Do not drink milk before bed it actually will cause a cramp. To relieve one do not make a sudden movement. Instead lay on your back (assuming its accures during sleep) and slowly point your toes up until they point toward your face. This will stretch the calf out but make sure not to stretch too hard. Then gently massage it. (I learned these few tricks while pregnant and suffered horrible leg cramps every night)

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Katherine Bailey

Thank you. I will try that.


I have found out over the years if I drink milk or have anythink dairy I will be sure to have foot and leg cramps that night. I have found out that I sometimes forget and have some dairy...However, I now drink 6 swallows of tonic water (with quinine) and now no longer have the cramps. What a relief....


TUMS is very bad for you.
Look it up.

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