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get olive oil and warm it in your hands. rub it onto your babies feet and then place socks. swadle that baby up and just rock this works wonders. i used this on both my children and it worked like a charm!

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The olive oil remedy was worked in under 10 minutes.


This worked in minutes!! The instant I applied the olive oil and socks (before I could even swaddle) she started passing all that gas. The crying got worse for a minute, but after rocking and letting the remedy do it's thing, she calmed instantly and is now happily passing all that painful gas. Thank you so much!! Nothing else has soothed her or quieted her screaming in the past week!

J. Smith

WORKED LIKE A CHARM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My wife and i are young parents (23 and 24) and we were almost at our witts end!! tried this remedie and it WOOORRRKKEEDDD!!!! we can finnaly sleep for more than 30 min a night....


Oh my God!! This really works. My daughter and I have sleepness nights and days. I looked online for a home remedy and found this remedy and it does works. In less than 1 minutes he stopped crying and went to sleep. I will pass this remedy on to everyone I know.


Thank you so much my sweet little baby was crying for three days and after doing the olive oil she stoped crying and went to sleep this was amazing


I have no words to explain how relieved i m feeling after trying this remedy..not only my 8 weeks calmed down after rubbing olive oil but also had his bottle and then went off to sleep...i m so thankful to u..god bless u!!


Wow just tried this remedy n my baby started passing wind n now she's sleeping comfortably without the colic pain n discomfort. Thanks for posting. Savanna London UK


The olive oil isn't working for my baby


Did not work for my daughter

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