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I'm now 18 and I just had a baby boy 8 months ago.a BIG baby and I have a thin figure.I got extrem strech marks! And had a veary nice body befor and now I won't even wear a bkiny.
So I tryed trilastin.expensive but it started to work but I ran out befor I could see a big difrence.I've tryed vitamin e oil and cocobutter.every day!I've tryed every thing and only few rezolts.
I was serchin the web and there's a new thing people are trying.

Take egg white smir on scares let dry.rinse of with cold water.

Tryed it and the veary next day I say a difrence.
Its all about the protien and stuff

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Ok, I do not blame people for noticing the spelling errors on this site as it frustrates me too. But, as one commenter said, it is a blog, not an article. As I have also been correcting other peoples spelling, I am not about to harm someone's feelings for it. I am not the world's best speller either, and neither is anyone on this site. As for the woman who commented on the 'young mother' scenario... I got pregnant in High School (granted I was 18 at the time). I graduated with a 4.13 GPA from the 2nd ranked (in academics) High School in the state. I also took college courses in High school. So please, do not link being a young mother with stupidity. Thank you. As for the women who wonders if this will work, I see a lot of recipes with egg whites in it so I don't see why not. :)

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