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I'm now 18 and I just had a baby boy 8 months ago.a BIG baby and I have a thin figure.I got extrem strech marks! And had a veary nice body befor and now I won't even wear a bkiny.
So I tryed trilastin.expensive but it started to work but I ran out befor I could see a big difrence.I've tryed vitamin e oil and cocobutter.every day!I've tryed every thing and only few rezolts.
I was serchin the web and there's a new thing people are trying.

Take egg white smir on scares let dry.rinse of with cold water.

Tryed it and the veary next day I say a difrence.
Its all about the protien and stuff

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Ah, I love how this spiraled into a huge argument over spelling. It's not like it hurt anyone or like your every going to meet this person. Cyber drama, just what we all need added on to the obvious problem we are all here for; stretch marks. Haha wow. I love pointless crap like this and how it seems so important to some people.


Swearing alot doesnt make you look tough it makes you look trashy. Grab a dictionary and broaden your vocabulary.


Haha, I love America. Only here you will witness a stranger calling someone out for their spelling, but you yourself can't spell right, or use proper grammar. Everyone has their flaws and I'm sure as hell postive you don't do EVERYTHING perfect. [=


Do you mean egg white smear? walk me through this please


Never mind duh didn't understand at first.. lol

Beauty radiates from within

A majority of people have stretch marks to some degree. This site is here to help people with stretch marks find a remedy to treat stretch marks. Although it is apparent that there have been spelling errors, There is no need to point them out. This is not an article, It's a blog. Please keep your opinions to yourselves. Shallowness is a shield that is used to hide ones own insecurity.


okay.i like read all the commets. and i agree it doesnt matter how you spell. on my computer i always type it wierd to my friends and like it guesses what word i want and how to spell it.and it pops up and i just go with it!aahahah:) and if i spelt anything wrong on here I DONT CARE!:) ahahaha<3 well imma go try this:)toodles!!!!!


The OP's spelling is pretty poor and as is the spelling of many of the other posters. I know this is all irrelevant but anyone else notice that most of the people posting (and failing at spelling) on this site (besides the -14 year olds) are teen or young mothers... heh... bit of a connection here!


I'm totally disgusted with what I've read, posting petty comments about somebody's spelling errors is absolutely pathetic. You're the ones that need to take a class & learn about 'the bigger picture'... Soldiers dying for their country every day... Children being abused... Women trapped in abusive relationships... Maybe you will realise that a spelling mistake doesn't Matter when you grow up & learn about the real world, you pathetic excuse of a human being...


Omg you ppl are so judgemental do u even care about the person wrote this fellings???? What is wrong with you people! She just trying to help,not get teased about her spelling.....smh get a life....

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