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I'm now 18 and I just had a baby boy 8 months ago.a BIG baby and I have a thin figure.I got extrem strech marks! And had a veary nice body befor and now I won't even wear a bkiny.
So I tryed trilastin.expensive but it started to work but I ran out befor I could see a big difrence.I've tryed vitamin e oil and cocobutter.every day!I've tryed every thing and only few rezolts.
I was serchin the web and there's a new thing people are trying.

Take egg white smir on scares let dry.rinse of with cold water.

Tryed it and the veary next day I say a difrence.
Its all about the protien and stuff

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to whoever wrote that comment about the spelling who really gives a crap she just misspelled something and probably didnt really see the need to fix it and if u really read it all she is only 18 and had a baby i dont think she has a lot of tie on her hands to go to night classes to improve something like spelling


she spelled a word wrong who cares this isnt Jerry Springer so if u want to be trashy go there. i jus want to know if this really works


Have you had good REZOLTS???


WOW to the person talking about the spelling, you really need help! Your whole body must look like a brain for you to even be reading about stretch marks and then you have the NERVES to talk about somebody...GET A LIFE FOR!


As for the people who want to pick on other people because of there spelling, you are on the site for the same reason we are, STRETCH MARKS. The only difference is our stretch marks havent made us hateful. So just take the advice and keep your missery to yourself. THANX


wow, thank you for the advise and taking time to post about stretch marks.
As for the person who has such a problem with spelling....Perhaps you were born with ALL brain and zero heart! I would rather have poor spelling capabilities than be a horrible and hateful human being. In addition, some one with any type of education would know far more words than just profanities. It just goes to show that no matter how much education one has, YOU CAN NOT BUY CLASS!!! So good luck with your spelling skills because that is perhaps, all you have.
Go ahead and keep on the hate train. You may find Karma is a witch and people get what they give.
As for the young lady that posted her remedy, thank you and, consider things where they come from. Thanks again for taking your valuable time to post.


For the person who said something about spelling, omg i love you. Is everyone crazy, her spelling was so freaking bad. This is my fourth language, i think she's either really stupid or lazy. Fuck off to all the people who are dishing their anger about dumb shit, she made a good point. Learn to spell before you share some dumb shit or don't share it at all.


I agree with the person posting about the spelling. She didn't spell ONE word wrong, if it was just ONE like you guys are assuming it would be no big deal. Every other word is spelled wrong though. You guys are just supporting the fact that america is stupid as fuck and don't want to fix it. This is obviously a education error and not a word error.

Aside from that is this remedy actually working? It doesnt seem like egg whites would help at all but then again ive seen progress with some pretty weird stuff.


That should be AN education error not a education error. Maybe check your own use of english before bashing someone elses?


Ok seriously do you guys have to keep going on about the birch that bashed the girl with the tip can we just stay on topics we're all here for stretch marks not a spelling bee or calling out a bitch...I JUST WANNA KNOW IF THE EGG WHITES WORKS OR NOT

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