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I'm now 18 and I just had a baby boy 8 months ago.a BIG baby and I have a thin figure.I got extrem strech marks! And had a veary nice body befor and now I won't even wear a bkiny.
So I tryed trilastin.expensive but it started to work but I ran out befor I could see a big difrence.I've tryed vitamin e oil and cocobutter.every day!I've tryed every thing and only few rezolts.
I was serchin the web and there's a new thing people are trying.

Take egg white smir on scares let dry.rinse of with cold water.

Tryed it and the veary next day I say a difrence.
Its all about the protien and stuff

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how long have u been doing this and how r ur results compared 2 wen u started. i have bad stretch marks everywhere and desperately want them gone. ihad a child at 17 an im 20 now an its getting depressing knowing nothin is working


im 18 also nd i had my baby 12-22-09 nd he was a very big 10lb baby nd my stomach look hideous! i would like to kno how long u were doin this for before u saw a dramatic change in ur scars


Holy crap, why can't anyone on this stupid site spell? I feel dumber just reading this shit. Thanks for the tip, but you guys should really think about taking some night classes or something. I know, some people just naturally suck at spelling, but come on, the word 'result' is not that fucking difficult. It's a good thing you're trying to improve your appearances a little, 'cause there's not a whole lot going on in your heads.


I love the above poster.. hahaha. I was thinking the same exact thing!

Heaven Lee

Thanks for the tip! As for the people above me, so what if she spelled the word wrong? All she's trying to do is be helpful, no need for the unnecesary hatred loves.


Try this: Taking a spelling class that would help you TREMENDOUSLY!


Where on dis web site does it say to use proper spelling? Hmmmm.... Yeah no where so it seems like that missy up there just wants attention. Which is really rude to the person trying to help the ladies with stretchmarks.


To the mean people this could be from some one who is still learning our language don't be so quick to judge.


Who cares if they spell incorrectly. Its called cyber bullying something people are taking their own life for if you havent been paying attention to the news its a pretty big problem in america. Have a heart and keep rude and just plain mean comments to yourself.


So what if people cant spell the point is that you still know what they trying to say ...if you dont like the way they spell ...quit fucking reading their shit ....n fuck off

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