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anjali sharma

Home remedies for hives:

Bath therapy for hives: A cool refreshing bath always works wonders in case of hives. The best method is to add some tablespoons of cornstarch and few spoons of oatmeal.
Tea therapy for hives: Stress is also known to trigger the onset of hives in a person whose family has a predilection for it. If you suspect that emotional stress has triggered the condition of hives, then it is recommended to take soothing sips of herbal tea.
Acupressure for hives: Some patients have found acupressure to be extremely relieving in terms of getting rid of hives. Deep massaging and putting the right pressure the trapezius muscle between neck and shoulder till it actually hurts, is found to reduce the onset of hives.
Cool compressions: Compressing the hives affected area with cold compressions is again an effective way of getting rid of the problem.
Calamine lotions or Benadryl are common anti-histamine drugs that are easily available in the home.

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