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My 3 year old son is just getting over a cold and today he developed an earache. I placed a tsp of extra virgin olive oil in a small dish, then placed that in a larger dish full of hot water up to the rim of the smaller dish. Let it sit for a few minutes until oil feels just above body temp. Use a baby medicine dropper or your (clean) fingertip to drop it in the ear and place a piece of cotton ball to hold the oil in. W/in 5 minutes he was jumping around, not crying anymore. I asked him if his ear felt better and he said, Yeah, all better Mom!

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thanks this really worked and helped a lot


I grew up having my mom do this to my brothers and I. It was recommended to her by our pediatrician and it works like a charm. At almost 39 I still do this when I have an earache and as much as I hate the feel of the oil going in, it still works better than any over the counter med I have ever tried

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