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okay, i know this world is now sooooo obsessed with being pencil thin. who can really blame us with all the media goes around glorifying? but, there are many ways to loose weight. i know everybody is different, but i'm gonna post what helps me.

1. drink LOTS, LOTS AND LOTS of water. soda, alcohol, and sugary drinks make things WORSE. WAY WORSE. i'm not saying to completely stop drinking them, but just drink them in moderation

2. exercise.

3. don't eat super late

4. don't be afraid to sweat! sweating is your best friend when it comes to loosing weight!

its honestly just that simple (for me anyways). i've NEVER once changed WHAT i eat. i just cut down and exercise afterwards. i've lost more weight recently due to my braces. i can't eat certain things and certain textures. that's another suggestion; just get braces and you'll loose weight!

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