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My mom has 3 abscess on the left side of her mouth and she in so much pain she cries at times but i tried many things TEMPORARY though ill share i little bit..... #1 crused pain relief and DAB! on sore #2 mix 2 crushed asprin(or whatever pain relief u can find)ginger,sea salt vinella extract,ginger and hot water AND ONLY LITTLE OF EACH!! and put in small bowl DAB on and then gargle with salt water! #3 eat tums and midol helps! #4 hot tea bag any kind doent matter!just apply and there u go!! #5 chew on hot rag #6 put ice or hot pack on it NOT IN YOUR MOUTH!! but thay do work but its temporary oh and sleep head up okay it helps in the morning!!

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did 'Waka Flocka' write this?!

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