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My daughter goes to daycare and for all of you that have children know that once one child gets it, they all have it!! Anyways, I battled the head lice on my daughter for about a month. I done the Nix treatment over the counter and then finally doing a prescription treatment twice. Worked really well along with washing everything that would fit into the washer! I found some lice in my hair one evening and I just went into the bathroom and grabbed the alcohol bottle that was purchased at my local drug store and I poured it into a bowl and used the lice comb and combed just the alcohol through my hair then dipping the comb back into the bowl. This really worked for me. I could see all the lice in the bowl that I had combed out. I left the alcohol that I combed through in my hair. I will try this again if I ever need too. Just a warning if you have had head lice for a while I'm sure the alcohol would burn any sores that might be present on the scalp, and secondly, I wouldn't suggest smoking after you have combed the alcohol through your hair! Just a thought. I hope I could help someone!

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Hello there,

It's good to know that it worked for you. That's some alternative for head lice treatments!



I forgot to say thank you!



When I was 18 & had them, we accidentally discovered how great the alcohol works, same as you, only when we noticed them dying on impact, we poured the bottle on my head! No more lice, til now, 8 yrs later, & it's my 1st go-to. I think I'm gonna add the leave in conditioner + tea-tree oil to it, because, for some reason, maybe I missed a spot, they cam back for my daughter =/ Still, glad to know I'm not the only one swearing by plain old alcohol! =)

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