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After 25 years of marriage, I divorced my spouse. I have had one boyfriend since and ended that when I caught him cheating. After a month or so after I broke up with him, After a month or so after I broke up with him, I got a noticed a growth in the genital area. When the first one appeared,I thought it was a pimple and treated it as such. That only made it worse. I had saw the gynecologist for other reasons and she was not concerned about the growth. (there are multiple reasons for such changes, that do not include the HPV virus). But in the weeks that followed it grew. I suspected it might be a wart.

I am studying for a degree in holistic medicine. So ... I did some research on genital warts. One of the tests that conventional doctors use to verify the presence of genital wart is to apply Acetic Acid to the growth in question. If it turns white within 5 to 10 minutes it is a wart. Acetic Acid is the primary compound in Apple Cider Vinegar. The test proved positive.

I read on many sites that ACV removed the warts. However, after several days of application, it did not remove the warts. It only burned my skin. This lead me to doing more research. Knowing that all pharmaceuticals have some kind of herbal base, I started researching how genital warts are treated by conventional medicine.

While there is no cure for the HPV virus that causes genital warts, the most effective way proven to remove warts and thereby prevent transmission is through the use of a Podophyllum resin (applied by a doctor in the office) or cream (which can be used at home). Podophyllum is the compound derived from the root of a plant family found primarily in China. One variety grows in the US: The Mayapple. It is VERY toxic so it is not to be taken internally!

I ordered a tincture (liquid form of the herb). When it arrived, I added several drops to vitamin ointment and applied it twice a day for 3 days. By day 3 ... the growth had become sore. When a conventional doctor prescribes the cream, they instruct 3 days application. Wait 4 days and apply again for 4 days up to a month. I stopped the application. It has been two days since I stopped the application and the wart is almost gone!

NOTE: Again the substance is highly toxic so do not ingest it. Use it only for topical applications unless otherwise advised by a licensed health care professional.

POINT OF INTERST: The compound derived from this plant actually kills cancer cells. In women, HPV often leads to cervical cancer. Currently the compound is being tested for the control and elimination of certain cancers with very promising results.

WARNING TO WOMEN: If you have genital warts on the interior parts of your labia or vulva, DO NOT USE THIS REMEDY. As I said, it is VERY toxic and if not used properly and with care .... it is dangerous. If you have warts in the inner labia .... seek medical attention immediately and do not attempt self-treatment.

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I've had genital warts for the last 2 years in my groin area. When they first started to appear, I thought they were infected hair folicals because they were in a cluster and itched like hell. I've tried everything from Aldera to freezing to rid myself of these things and in my opinion, Aldera made it worse. Freezing made some fall off but they always came back. I've been clean all my life sexually and I was pretty embarrassed when I found out they were warts. I think I got them from my wife because she actually cheated on me and i found out about it. After getting a bad case of jock itch, the warts appeared like crazy.

I'd like to say that I can't believe that this home remedy is working. I was almost ready to give up with this because I did experience a lot of pain in the areas I had cluster build up but I had to keep telling myself that the pain meant I was killing these suckers. At one point the warts seemed to get bigger but I kept at it with a 2 per day dose for 3 days then I'd wait until the warts stopped hurting. Then I'd start up again for 3 days and again, I'd wait until the hurting stopped. I noticed that the wart clusters started to feel sensitive and raw but they weren't sore. It was like the vitamin ointment and Mayapple liquid mixture was getting to the source by eating away at the warts. So, I put more on and now they are almost gone. I can't believe it! I do have one that did get big enough to cut off but I'm going to keep attacking the area with the Mayapple mixture until it is gone.

Thanks for the heads up on this Mayapple. Now I don't have to live with these things and can get on with my life. Time ave a little fun with the new women in my life. ;-)


where can I get the Mayapple?


You can get Mayapple from Four Winds, Inc and they do have a website. You won't go wrong with this but just be ready and willing to endure some pain if you have clusters like I had.

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