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I have experience and this works: Wash feet with wash-cloth and soap - rinse well, dry thoroughly. Spray on entire foot and 3 inches above foot on leg with 'Lysol Disinfectant' spray in scent called Crisp Linen (agreeable scent.) With hand, rub lysol spray into foot only 30 seconds then dry off excess with clean dry cloth or paper towel. Repeat on other foot. Put on clean slippers and wash hands. Never wear the same pair of shoes 2 days in a row-they must dry out inbetween wearing. Change socks 1-2 times day. Let feet air when at home but always have something on your feet like clean slippers or flip-flops. I know Lysol spray is not made for this, but I was desperate. Even if skin is broke, spray on, rub in quick and wipe off/dry again, limiting your exposure. You should feel relief first time you do this.

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This works great, been doing it for years!!


Does it have to be that scent?

Itchy feet :(

I have tried the garlic, salt & apple vinegar in a ziploc plastic bag and let feet soak for 1 hr, plain vinegar, lime juice (ouch!), tea tree oil, everything-over-the-counter, now I am trying the Lysol, I hope this one works! Next thing is the pee on my feet, this is getting very upseting! What's the best of the best remedy? I need to hear about it please!


Other scents can work, just make sure the can specifies the athlete's foot fungus. The clean linen scent seems to be much less caustic to the skin than original/regular lysol. The lysol also works well to spray the inside of your shoes. This can be alternated with soaking your foot in rubbing alcohol (the higher 95% concentration, available at walmart) or soaking in Hydrogen Peroxide. For severe outbreaks, I alternate the soaks in the evening, and use the Lysol spray a couple of times during the day. when it's clear (and I remember) I use the lysol spray a couple of times a week.

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