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Yea I would agree with you. I also got dry socket on one of my wisdom teeth but once i realized the stiches disolved I noticed food got stuck in my gums. The food that was stuck gave me more pain and bad breath emminating from the socket becasue I got dry socket. I rinsed gently but it didnt take the stuck food out. So i began to rinse vigorisly with very warm water until the pieces of food came out. (rinsing with cold water did not work) I was surpirsed how much junk I had stuck there. It gave me relief when i got the smelly pieces of food out. I also used water and diluted listerene. I went to the dentist and he asked me if I had pain. I told him it was very minimal and an over the counter pill would relieve it. My dentist advised me he thought it was going to be worse and just added some gel to begin heeling. He told me I had dry socket. I reasearched it and it seems everybody that had dry socket had severe pain. So if you just rinse AND MAKE SURE FOOD DOESNT GET STUCK then u would avoid infection/pain. After my wisdom teeth were pulled I was advised i could eat solids after a few days. If I went through it again I would only eat yogurt, non sugar jello, country chix noodle soup (non cunky type), only soups, protein shakes, fruit shakes, banannas, just eat very soft foods, i would avoid any type of meat or bread!!!

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u are more then incorrect not only have I rinsed and repeated but before my dentist appointment i started a round of antibiotics AND MY DRY SOCKET MADE ME WISH I WERE DEAD. .. There r diffrent levels of dry socket so obviously your bone and nerves werent exsposed or you would have extreme pain or maybe you didt have dry socket at all! I've had it more then once and never ever have I had no pain from it! Eugenol works miracles, taste absoluteluy horrible but is a winner!!!


I agree with the person commenting above. I had two extractions which resulted in 2 extremely painful dry sockets. Because I had not been told what to take for pain I had been using up some 'really good' pain pills given to me for an operation I had. Once the pain starting breaking through those meds I realized something was wrong! (about 5 days). When I went in they cleaned out the sockets, rinsed with cold water, packed them with the Eugenol soaked gauze strip and sent me home with instructions to only take 2 Ibuprofen and 2 Acetaminophen every 4-5 hours. I also was told to come in every day for repacking until they saw regranulating of the tissue. I had IMMEDIATE pain relief, which lasts for 1/2 a day or so. After my third packing they went in and 'irritated' the tissue to create bleeding and then repacked (very painful). I am now at day #11 with dry sockets and the only thing keeping them from hurting is the clove oil. My question is, when do these things start to heal? Also, I am diabetic which slows healing. Should I be taking an antibiotic or is just rinsing with salt water several times a day enough.?


I had one wisdom tooth pulld a week ago. I found out ysterday I have dry socket. The dentist cleaned and packed the wound with I'm assuming eugenol. I was in so much pain I didn't pain was gone. He then prescribed 2 different antibiotics and a ibuprofen alternated with tylenol3. I have to go back today to get repacked. Hopefully this will heal quickly because its xtremely painfully if I'm not totally medicated! I would suggest to all...dont eat solids after an extraction! I'm almost certain I caused the dry socket by eating solids too soon!


The pain people have is from the dry socket not the food stuck in your mouth. I have a dry socket with very extreme pain and every time I go to the dentist to get it packed they tell me how clean and great the extraction site looks. You should not be misleading people telling them to rinse more vigorously because that will cause more pain. Definitely use the red cross toothache remedy and clean the site before each use.

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