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#1. Chiggers,redbugs, body bugs, or whatever you wish to call them do not burrow under the skin to live. They attach themselves to you and start sucking blood similar to a mosqueto with no wings. The other difference is the fact that when you rub the area that they have attached to you actually kill them breaking the highly irritating stem off in your skin. This is what leaves the horrible itching. There are not bugs actually living in your skin that you have to kill. They are actually very fragile and can be taken care of with a simple shower and also immediately washing your clothes you may have been wearing. The epson salt or clorox soak will relieve the infection of the stem left behind(the longer you soak the better). The anahistimine in the benadryl will relieve the itch. The bites are a pain to get over so remember, the next time you decide to go to the wilderness during the warm months, spray down. The best cure is preventitive measure.

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Well you obviously never heard of scabies... Watch out if you ever visit or relocate a relative to a retirement home..


Except that they don't suck blood; they digest your tissue.


Chiggers are not scabies. A parasite yes, but not scabies.


They melt your tissue and suck it up through a straw. It takes them a while to set up shop, so if you wash your body and dry off vigorously with a towel, any chiggers that were trying to attach themselves will be knocked off and die. Wash your clothes too!

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