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Eat garlic cloves or take garlic pills. Eat a piece of garlic clove a day or take a garlic pill once a day until the worms are gone.

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Garlic is helpful but not alone. Vitamin B helps also. We are still fighting it, after going to the doctor and having a round or two of drugs. We did not treat all members of the family twice though. Enemas are helpful. For some reason, the worms 'clog' you up, and the enema releases this. Hope this does not post my name as this is embarrassing!


May be embarrising but it helps others going through it. This is our third round with it. done past pissed off. I hate seeing my daughter like this and have no idea how it keeps coming back. ugh


Garlic alone does not work. I know, it was the only thing I was able to try whilst pregnant.


yes lime juice helps in diminishing the scars and marks a good diet and prpeor intake of meals will definitely give u a glowing skin .here r the remedies!First of all let's talk about milk. To get rid of spots you can use either buttermilk or sour milk. Both of them contains lactic acid which do not create any irritation on your skin after applying but helps to improve your skin texture by lightening it up.Oranges, lemons and Limes are very much effective when it comes to removing dark spots. These fruits are rich of Vitamin C- a natural type of bleaching agent. You can apply the juice of lemon over spot and it will clean your skin and will remove spot without any negative effects. * Lemons. Lemons are proven effective in whitening dark spots because of the strong acid that it contains. Simply slice a portion and rub it or squeeze the juice into the dark spot and see it work in a matter of days. You can repeat the application as frequently as desired. * You can also try mixing honey and lemon. This aromatic mixture is known for whitening dark skin spots. Simply apply the paste on the affected area. * A mixture of cinnamon powder and honey. Just like in the previously mentioned mixtures, just apply the paste on the dark spot. * For those who would like to have an overnight relief, simply mix margosa powder, holy basil powder, and honey in equal proportions and apply the mixture on the affected part and leave on the skin overnight.Wash with sour milk or buttermilk to take advantage of lactic acid for brown spots removal.dd 2 teaspoons of apple cider vinegar with one teaspoon of orange juice. Apply the mixture to brown spotsRub fresh aloe vera gel twice a day on the brown spots for at least a month or two. Aloe vera is the miracle herbfor getting a glowing skin along with other health benefits.Take 2 almonds- blanch and grind them. Mix the ground almonds with the white of an egg and half tsp of lime juice. Apply the mixture and leave it to dry for a while and wash off for glowing skin .eat vitamin -E rich foods and fruitsmost important .dring plenty of water everyday!!acne spots and marks will fade away in time .hav patience and follow the remedies!!


Garlic alone does not work, but bananas work incredibly well!

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