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My lower rear molar that was supposed to be pulled years ago, that the dentist pulled the wrong tooth out on a put a bridge on the bad tooth.. just kicked in 2 days ago.. extreme pain. Nothing worked for me except the following.. Pure lemon extract, motrin-800 mg, and warm tea bag.. any... I have no pain... and when i do I just dab on a little extract..instant relief. Eventually i will have the money to get to a dentist i hope. Also amoxcillin.. i am going to try the fish mox tomorrow. This site is awesome!

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Pure vanilla extract followed by a warm tea bag worked wonders for me.
Thank God for your posts.


I too was having same awful pain with my molar along with no insurance. I tried warm tea bag it worked good for a few hours. When it started aching again I tried Lemon extract and it the results were amazing. Pain gone within seconds. Burned a little at first but the relief of pain was a blessing. I also tried peppermint extract. It works too. I believe any extract that is 100 Percent will do the trick. I have been painfree all day and am passing along positive results with the extract with others

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