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Okay, so I've had this abcess since Friday of last week - today is Tuesday. It was at it's worst on Sunday. My face was so swollen at the abcess site. AS SOON as I got home on Sunday, I started rinsing with peroxide and warm water and although it stung A LOT at first (which I figured was a good thing!), once I rinsed twice the pain was much better - I almost didn't feel it.

After reading this site I took a Hydroco/APAP (leftover Rx)and a Tylenol 500mg and within 5 minutes, the pain is COMPLETELY GONE! I'm so amazed! I am going to try the pet med suggestion as well since it is still an antibotic which is the only thing that'll make the infection go away.

Thank you so much for those who posted before me and good luck to those who come after. I'll post again to let you know if the pet antibotics actually worked. Wish me luck!

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Hydrocodone with Apap contains tylenol. you do not want to take more tylenol with this. an ER Doc and my Dentist have both told me you can take 2 advil an hour before or after percocet or vicodin to help bring down inflammation.

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