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I have had occasional outbreaks of Angular Cheilitis over the years. Usually it’s no big deal. I just wait a few days, and my body heals itself. On the most recent occasion, it got progressively worse over a two week period. I tried a number of remedies I found on the net (sodium bicarbonate, detergent & Vaseline, lip balm, hydrocortisone, Neosporin etc) without any success at all. Finally gave my ‘cure-all’ miracle cream a go, better known as SUDOCREM. It’s a well known product in Europe (most commonly used for nappy/diaper rash, but can also be used for cut, scrapes, burns + lots more), and can be difficult to get hold of in the US. It contains anti bacterial as well as antifungal agents in a water repellent base. Anyway, to cut a long story short, applied this to the sore, twice a day for 3 days and am now completely healed.

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This worked very well for me, it cleared up in 2 days, with a vast improvement after the first day.


After being wrongly diagnosed with Psoriasis, I realised from much research on the internet and seeing images of AC that this is what i most likely had. I had the horrible cracks and redness around the corners of my mouth and a rash covering my entire chin. After months of it just getting worse and worse, I went and bought a similar cream to SUDOCREM, the one i got is a natural cream for baby nappy rash and says that it can be used for various skin problems on adults. I am sure they all have similar ingredients so if anyone cant find SUDOCREM buy any natural baby rash cream, i think its important that it has zinc in it which all the ones i have seen do anyway. I bought mine yesterday (€1.95, i live in Europe)and put it on quite thickly, almost every 2 hours, less than one day later it is 95% gone! Absolutely amazing. It had got to the point where I didnt want to go out anymore as i wasnt able to even cover it up with make-up. I literally raced back home yesterday because it looked so terrible, slathered on the cream and my skin is now pretty much back to normal. Thanks so much for this great tip. Anyone else out there who hasnt yet found anything that helps, please give this a try.


OMG THANK YOU SO MUCH! you saved me. Cleared up in no time. Would never have thought to use Sudocrem unless reading your tip. Thanks again!!

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