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My daughters used to get growing pains quite a bit and I found that rubbing mentholatum (Vicks) on their legs helped. One night when I got a particularly bad case of RLS I thought why not? It has helped most of the time for me since then. I just rub a bit on where it is affecting me (usually the top of my feet and lower legs) It dosen't have to be slathered on. Just a little bit. The soap under the sheets did help me too but eventually I became immune to it. Might try it again. Has anyone ever tried pickle juice?

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This is similar to what has helped me which is applying Bengay to my thighs. It sort of numbs them enough to buy me the time to fall asleep.


I have had restless leg for years, my dad does too. The only thing that I have found to help it besides taking pain pills it to take multivitamins at night. I would wake up with it and take 3 of my children's chewable vitamins and it seemed like it would go away within 30 min. Make sure it is a multi that has all the minerals in it expecially iron.


Oh my gosh. I don't have vix so I tried carmax (im desperate lol) instantly took my RLS away! I just hope it stays gone.


Pickle juice? Internally or externally??


HI. I have had RLS since I was pregnant at 16. I am now 62. I take requip but it has stopped working. I did try the pickle juice three times and it did not work for me. I have written all the suggestions down and am going to the store today. I won't take the requip again and will start trying all of the suggestions until I find one that works. Hot baths helped for years but then they stopped. My husband said I kick and toss and turn the whole time I am sleeping. I will repost if I find anything that helps. Good luck to you all!!

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