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Rub the palm of your hand with ice to relieve a tooth ache.

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I had a terrible toothache just cud not sleep i luckily went thru this site and found this remedy. As i didn't hav ice in the freezer used a packet of frozen bacon and in 5 mins the pain has reduced considerably. will now go and gt some sleep. thanks a lot for putting this online


its basicly the same thing an ice pack dose. I use mouth wash lol sounds stupid but for some reason it numbs the pain. not for long but it workds for minor tooth pain. i'd also sugjesting brush brush brush everytme you drink anything with suger or eat. it helps. also when an absess brake slap a warm herbal tea bag on the bitch. it draws the infection out. i didnt belive it untell mine broke and omg the pressure that causes the pain was like gone. also make sure and get your ass to the dentist. even if your scared to death of them like i am. most will put on a antibiotic and give you pain meds for about a week or so before doing anything..I go in on wensday!

Megan & Anthony

Huh. I thought this sounded odd if not out-right retarded, but... my husband is passed out on the floor right now, clutching our daughter's frozen teether in his hand. His tooth pain has been so explosive these last two days, nothing has worked to help him sleep- not tea, not Advil PM, nothing. It was wonderful to watch his eyes flutter closed as I pressed the teether into his hand. Thank you to whoever discovered this!!


After a punishingly painful afternoon -My hubbys just nodded off - holding an icepack! He was saying this was a dumb idea because it just makes you concentrate on your cold hand & not help your tooth! obviously helped him after all.


this remedy seems to be helping me, even as i type this. i'm not sure how or why this works, but as far as i'm concerned it's a MIRACLE. my tooth has been hurting non-stop for DAYS.

Going To sleep biootchhh

Hey guys!! I tried the whole hand and Ice thing!! Thanks but no thanks, I do have something that will work wonders for you to get a great night sleep with a throbbing, wanting to kill yourself toothache....
Take 1, 2mg Adavan
Take 1, 2mg Kalotopin
and if you have an aleve your in there buddy!!!! Nighty Nite

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