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Rub the palm of your hand with ice to relieve a tooth ache.

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The ice in the hand worked alittle for me,
but the ice on the tooth worked a lot better and lasted longer.

pranay nichani

am kinda using it at times ice is on my hand, and at times on my tooth along a clove...and now my freezer is pretty much


I Did the cold water bottle thing.I took a 16 oz. plastic water bottle, filled it with Ice cold water & I held the bottom of it to my cheek.It releived the pain for hours, I didn't think it would work, but it did, & for hour's.Try It,you have nothing to lose but pain.


O-kay! This works! But instead of ice cubes, I clutched a bottle of Grey Goose from the freezer! No drippy mess! It really works! **hic**


like other ppl i thought this could never work and tried it as a last resort....after 2 days of bad pain i tried the ice in palm of hand. and yes it really worked for me,thanks to whoever wrote this.


omg! it worked immediatly. It didnt take all the pain away, but most. Thanks!


ABSOLUTE nonsense!!!!!!!!!!!!! THIS IS A BUNCH OF CRAP


For several years I have suffered from one abcess after another, basicaly since my daughter was born. I usually use ice and ice water on the tooth, which also works, but this worked great. I noticed that two people posted that It didn't work for them, as with any remedy you must beleive it will work and relax or it wont.


As I type I have a raging toothache,, cant chew,, cant bite down,, face is throbbing like hell. I tried your ice idea, and it totally worked instantly!!! Thats amazing. Not 5 mins ago I was crying with the pain, and now its not there at all. Thank you so much!!!!!


Thank you this stuff works like magic. We tried most of the home remedies and the pain was alleviated for a few minutes at a time. We tried the clove oil on the tooth but it took a while to start kick in. I tried the hand massage on my hubby as the last resort. He complained from the pain at first, but after all was said and done he actually fell asleep right away. The pain was gone. I think it was both the massage and the clove oil that made it work because 7 hours later and the awful spiking, drill-like feeling all over his jaw is still gone. Thank you all for sharing this information with us. God bless you! My hubby is so happy that he is even singing right now! *^_^*

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