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Rub the palm of your hand with ice to relieve a tooth ache.

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i had a toothache so bad i felt like banging my head up against the wall, i read this and did it. it didn't take the whole pain out but enough to let me go to sleep.

I was working in a Truckstop in Colorado when All the sudden, I Had an Abcess go Haywire on me. It brought me literally to my knees and in so much pain that a Truckdriver told me about this wonderful remidy. Beleive me, IT WORKS 100%! I took his advice and felt the pain leave with each beat of my heart. I have bad teeth anyway but this Truckdriver Saved my sanity on that particular Graveyard Shift! I swear by it and continue doing it even when the tooth is abcessed horribly. To this Truckdriver, I owe my Gratitude and Sanity :) Thank you if you ever read this Comment.


I have never had an abcessed tooth until now--at first the prescribed antibiotic and pain killer helped. But I couldn't get the tooth pulled for several weeks and the pain is killing me. Every minute, I need to make sure I take a drink to keep the pain down...needless to say, I can't get far from the bathroom.

Trying the ice now----it seems to be working enough to curb the severe pain.


doesn't work. your remedy sucks!


Well, I tried it and my tooth ache was greatly decreased so long as I had the ice on my palm. It did, however, return after I stopped,


its helping as i speak.. i'm just worried that the pain will return when its all melted


Yeah too bad I have a circultaion problem and my hands turn blue and white when exposed to the cold. So much for the ice on my palm


When i read this i thought that it was real stupid and that it wouldnt work at all. My mother has had a severe tooth ache for 2 days. She tried this and within a minute looked at me in shock and said it works. All i can say is thanks to whoever figured this out.

John from Pa

OMG!!!!!!!!!!!! I cant believe that worked within seconds i had no pain!! I did that while having a tea bag in my mouth at the same time. its 7:00 am and i ony have 2 hours till I get this Bast*$@ pulled out!!


This remedey worked as long as I kept the ice in one spot in the center of my palm. If I rubbed it around, the tooth throbbed. When I took the ice out the pain started again.

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