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ACV actually made my gw's worse (female)

I did it for about 2 weeks a few times soaked it with a cotton ball (stung so bad I couldn't take it!) then mainly applied a paste w/castor oil and aspirin that I read on another site. applied vitamin e sometimes in between for relief.

As I said for me, they were worse, but it seems like they worked for all of you! Mine did not turn black, and I know for sure they are warts because I had a biopsy (condyloma accuminata) perhaps it works better with the other type? molloscum ?

While I did that I also took lots of Vitamin E, Olive Leaf Extract and an anti-viral herbal extract.

I'm trying some other things now, I'll post if it works. So far, there seems to be some results.

mashed frankincense resin
mashed aspirin
oregano oil
another oil blend (has cinnamon, clove, rosemary, eucalyptus)

so far the large one is starting to come off, but there are lots of very tiny ones and some that are partially internal, so I think those will be more stubborn.

drinking lots green tea and also inhaling the oils at night via diffuser, and taking a couple other supplements

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how did the acv make them worse? did it spread the bumps?


don't put crushed up aspirin on your skin. It is an old wives tale and will only burn your skin


Did anything work? The acv kinda worked but ate away my skin too =P Ugghh I am so tired of this crap! When I went to my gynecologist she just looked at them and said it wasn't warts but I know they are cause I went from having 1 to 5 to like 18..


i tried clove oil, it numbs and eases the itchiness, but it stings, did it sting when u applied it?

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