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Geneva S

Many of these remedies seem to me too labor-intensive, leading to slacking off.

When you get tired of all the heavy-duty regimes listed here, don't give up. Switch to this one - it worked for me.

I used Tea Tree Oil alone, twice a day.
It takes less than 10 minutes, no equipment. I put it on by dipping a small stick (a crochet hook, actually) in the oil bottle, and touching the toenail, so the drop goes where you touch. I put it on all toes, including ones not infected, 2 drops on big toes. I then wiped the oil off the stick with the toe of the socks I was going to wear. 5 minutes-finished.

After a week or so, I could see that the new nail growing in from the cuticle was thin and pink. There was a distinct bump where the yellow part ended. It took over a month for all the thick yellow nail to grow out and be replaced. You could see the progress as the thick part moved out and the thin nail followed behind.

It's important to keep doing the oil (although once a day is probably enough after 2-3 weeks), because it will re-infect until all the old, thick stuff had grown out and gone. Just be sure to do it after a bath/shower/swim or pedicure.

You can get Tea Tree Oil at any drug store, and some grocery stores - it's not expensive, $9-12. Health food or vitamin stores, like GNC, have more choices. Get the smallest possible bottle of 100% pure TTO; you are only using 12 drops per day. It has a really strong smell. Bear with it, the smell is part of the cure (that's why I wipe the applicator on the socks). Breathing the fumes is a folk-cure for coughs & sore throat.
It's from Australia, which is why you never hear about it in N.America. Check it out on

Since the yellow part has all gone, I just put oil on about once a week, when I remember. Haven't had any recurrence in 3 years.

If your nails grow slowly, taking GELATIN (pills or capsules) will help. My bottle says 'take 6/day'. I take 2/day, and my finger & toenails grow quickly, and strong. But for the fungus treatment, it should be full dosage, at least. You want that new nail to grow in YESTERDAY. Health food store, vitamin store, or drug store.

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For me, the tea tree oil was a fnailure. I used it twice a day for over a year. At times there was some improvement, but the skin near the nails really is cracked and itching. If the nails are sanded some, the tree oil seems to absorbe in, and helps.

Taelor Lynnette

It seams u r allergic to the TTO

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