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Well if u have dry damaged hair or if you have died it also your hair starts breaking off and you end up with split ends..Also you lose your hairs elasticity and shine which makes your hair beautiful.Some of us even end up buyin real expensive products that somethimes don't work as well.So why not go to our kitchen and find some home remedies to nourish our hair??What I usually do at least once a week is get half of an avocado,1 tbl of olive oil, 2tbl of mayo,and egg yolk.You can put on a shower cap and wrap a towel on your head so it can capture the heat for an hour or more however you want to. Also when you get in the shower make sure you wash your hair with cold water so it can lock in all them follicules to get that actual works trust me(:

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how long are you suppose to have it on your hair? :)


DO NOT USE THIS REMEDY!!!! I did exactly what it said and my friend lost all her hair!! Please don't put yourself through this, this is not a joke she lost her hair and her skin is breaking out! Please don't do it!


OKAY...I tried it. I have Thick, Medium Length, Coarse hair. It's a great fix for a home remedy. All of the ingredients are natural (no alcohol to dry out your hair). I will have to say, I don't recommend it for fine hair. The Mayo and Olive Oil leave it a little heavy (if you use cool water to wash and rinse). I've always heard of using each of these ingredients separate, but not all together. Great idea to touch on each on of them together. Thanks!


ya...the smell makes me want to puke:( GROSS!!


I use something similar 1/3 of an avocado and and 1/2 c of buttermilk. I have some of the finest hair ever, it gets static regularly in the winter and it is extremely dry but the mixture worked for me.

Terry Madalane Butler

That's exactly my home remedy as well, I've doing it for 5months now, my hair has grown so so much. I'm african(south african) with no mix on any race so my hair is course but not bushy, quite thin actually but the remedy has done wonders. Its now shiny, healthy and 'lively'

sassy safari

I'm also currently using the same remedy and it works wonders in terms of hairgrowth and shine(only after I've just used the solution). But the problem something in the ingredience makes my hair extremely dry and my scalp itchy. I only enjoy the shine on the day I apply it then after...GONE, but the hairs grows though, very fast.

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