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I know this sounds dumb and gross, but nobody else put it so i will. Get in the shower, piss on your infected area each day till it goes away. If.... it comes back do it again. I did this as advice from a family friend because i used to get it so bad i would bleed. I seriously thought about chopping off my feet. I peed on my toes in the shower, let it sit for a couple minutes, then rinsed it off. I know it's gross. but my daily life with athletes foot is over. I did this three times in a row, with instant relief and instant healing that was noticeable. I haven't had it since. That was ten years ago! take it or leave it, its up to you, either way im cured and never looked back.!!!!!

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My girlfriend pees on me during sex. (While she is riding me) put a towel down first. This works wonders on jock itch and is quite arrousing. I actually am erect as I type this thinking about it.


It also works well for a sore throat


Urine is also a 100% will be gone overnight cure for pink eye.


peeing on your feet works!


Dagger4life is an idiot...
Enough said...


I was watching an episode of Two and a half men and Charlie mentions this to Jake to get rid of his. So that is the reason i looked up this website to see if that was a real cure. I guess it works.


as a nurse, i can tell you that urine is sterile and if absolutely necessary can be swallowed. as a manicurist who had her own salon, urine (urea) is the best remedy for removing dry skin, so i would believe it would work on athlete's feet as well.

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