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I know this sounds dumb and gross, but nobody else put it so i will. Get in the shower, piss on your infected area each day till it goes away. If.... it comes back do it again. I did this as advice from a family friend because i used to get it so bad i would bleed. I seriously thought about chopping off my feet. I peed on my toes in the shower, let it sit for a couple minutes, then rinsed it off. I know it's gross. but my daily life with athletes foot is over. I did this three times in a row, with instant relief and instant healing that was noticeable. I haven't had it since. That was ten years ago! take it or leave it, its up to you, either way im cured and never looked back.!!!!!

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I have read about this too, and tried it as well. Remember urine is sterile and cleaner than anything else, you can actually drink it too, if you ever need fluids for survival.


Urine does work very well and the cost is not bad either. Don't think I will be drinking it, I'd have to be desperate.

Nicole Z.

WTF! i so would not take a tinkle on my feet. thats strange.


Urine is also good for acne.


This does work! But you don't have to tinkle on your feet, put some urine in a plastic container and dip your feet/toes into it. The remedy I followed says to let it dry on your feet.


A friend of mine told me about this. He apparently learned it in military school. It does work even though it seems odd :)


Crazy and nasty as this sounds, it really works, pee in a container and pour on your affected area, then rinse.
I saw improvement after doing this just once. Medicine helped but it still kept spreading. Cheap and diffently natural!!


this is the same remedey I use and I've only had athlete's foot twice. The first time I tried everything and urine gave me the most relief, but didn't quite get rid of it until I started letting it sit.

Before I'd got to bed id wrap my infected foot in toilet paper (around the toes and between the toes) stand in the shower and pee. I'd stand until my foot got cold (less than a min.), remove the tp and go to bed.

After repeating this each night for almost a week my first case was gone. The 2nd case was gone within just a few days and this was the only treatment I used.


i just pissed on myself for the first time and it turned me on


This is actually a very old remedy - like from before medicine...want to be really gross? Parents use to wipe out their babies mouth with their wet diaper for thrush - another yeast/fungi. No need to do that today - but not that old of a remedy...100yrs?

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