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I bit down hard on a pebble-like object and I could feel the nerve in the tooth react. It felt like my tooth had been hit with a hammer!!!

The next day the tooth felt like someone was holding a blow torch to it.
The pain was intense so I walked in to my dentist's office for 'warranty check.' The dentist said there was no sign of a crack and the gums looked OK. the pain however, was excruciating. There were tears in my eyes and at one point I was doubled over.

Warm salt water rinses helped as long as the water was not too warm.

Cold water held over the tooth provided temporary 100% relief, but I noticed the colder the water, the more the tooth hurt after the water was removed.

I swished with luke warm water and very gradually raised the water temperature until the pain gradually subsided in about 3 hours. This gave me several hours of relief.

I tried to keep the water temperature just barely cool enough to get pain relief without cooling the tooth so much that the subsequent temperature increase would take my head off!!!

The pain came back again. Maybe it was thirsty ( :) ).

I tried rubbing garlic powder on the gum above the tooth. Not sure if that helped or not. I tried peroxide. That seemed to have an effect.

I notice that 2 200mg ibuprofen plus 2 80 mg aspirin taken together may have helped. I was doing so many things I don't know what finally did the trick.

After each thing I tried, the pain kept coming back over and over again. I put some sensodyne toothpaste directly on the gum. That worked for a bit.

I tried brandy over the tooth and gum area. I tried putting brandy on a cotton swab and holding it in place on the gum area.

Last, I tried Ambesol which is OTC at Walgreens. I got the liquid form and dipped a cotton q-tip in it and held it in place at the back of my mouth right where the dentist usually stick the needle in and then over the gum area above the tooth. 100% percent relief in 3 minutes.

RESULT: 100% relief since yesterday evening!!! I drank a few cold beers last night and swished the cold liquid over the tooth and no painful reaction at all!!!

I could (gingerly) eat food with the tooth and no counter-reaction!!

It has now been 15 hours with no pain whatsoever!!! --Fiddle

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