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Stop Athlete's Foot for good! When your feet feel like they are burning and itching, just spray some TILEX MOLD AND MILDEW REMOVER on them. It will relieve the burning and itching and make them feel good. Wait for about 3 minutes and wash off with water. If you had Athlete's foot for years, doing this 2 times for only 2 days will fully cure your Athlete's Foot!!!! Just read the bottle, it says right on it that it KILLS ATHLETE'S FOOT FUNGUS! And it does!!!!

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I've had AF for years, and the powders, sprays and creams are completely useless for me. They don't soothe, they don't stop the itching & burning, and they don't stop spreading, at all. So, I recently tried Tilex Mold & Mildew spray on my feet BEFORE reading this blog, and here are my results (yours may vary):

I used it in the shower, and let it sit on my feet for about a minute. It INSTANTLY stopped the itching and burning. I rinsed and washed my feet with soap. After drying, I noticed it did burn my skin slightly, about the equivalent of a minor 1st degree chemical burn, but by the next morning my skin looked fine. The itching came back after the 2nd day, so I will repeat the process once a day for 3 days. If it continues to return following these few more applications, (and I understand this is not very cost effective) I will buy new socks and shoes to wear following another round of treatments, assuming I am simply getting reinfected by them.

LOVED the hacksaw suggestion someone posted, BTW! I've often considered it, myself!

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