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Stop Athlete's Foot for good! When your feet feel like they are burning and itching, just spray some TILEX MOLD AND MILDEW REMOVER on them. It will relieve the burning and itching and make them feel good. Wait for about 3 minutes and wash off with water. If you had Athlete's foot for years, doing this 2 times for only 2 days will fully cure your Athlete's Foot!!!! Just read the bottle, it says right on it that it KILLS ATHLETE'S FOOT FUNGUS! And it does!!!!

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I laughed out loud at this thread.

Yes, people post stupid things. But any idiot that reads on the internet to drink bleach, and then does it truly needs to get their internet removed.



Oh, and if people have life threatening conditions and google 'home remedies' and then expect to get great sound advice that will save their life...

well, see the advice about internet removal. :)


OMGosh, some of these posts are so funny. Really people, I'm sure whoever posted about drinking the tilex was making a joke. If you're stupid enough to actually do it, you deserve what is coming to you. I also work in healthcare and would reccomend that you go to the store and buy a foot spray that has an anti-fungal agent. Also, use a disinfectant, (properly mixed bleach spray or wipes) on your shoes and wash your socks in hot bleach water. Yes it may be more expensive than say Tilex, but it's way cheaper on your pocketbook and ego than having to go to the ER because you burnt yourself with the caustic ingredients of Tilex or exacerbated the fungus so that it went systemic. I wish everyone the best in their endevors to rid themselves of this awful condition.


Ok...this is the craziest strand yet! BUT, I personally have a solution that IS NOT a corosive chemical such as BLEACH! And yes, it is corrosive, which is why you have to dilute it to actually use it. Try leaving it on an article of clothing like I did when I was a teenager who was just learning how to do laundry. AND NOTE! It is verrry dangerous to breathe that stuff. You can get pneumonia like my husband's grandma did from the fumes. ANYWAY...the Remedy that worked for me is something you can find in the summer outside or at the grocery store. My grandma saved me once when I had a terrible case of something worse than athlete's foot. My skin was literally rotting off and had to be removed by a doctor. I had very large blisters between my toes that were just horrible. My grandma went out into a field and picked a tall fluffy kind of plant called 'Fennel'. You boil it for about 20 min in a large pan and allow it to cool. Take a clean cloth or something to soak it into and allow it to sit on your skin for about 20 min. Dry off and repeat. It worked WONDERS!!!! I had tried everything, trust me. I recommended it once to a friend who had been trying all sorts of creams under her arms because she had some type of yeast infection. But for you women, I wouldn't suggest using it in personal areas since I don't know for sure about that. I guess since it is natural and if you were desperate, maybe. Anyway, throw it out after a day and start over. It may stain clothes because the liquid is green, so beware of that. Hope it helps someone!


By the way, it is in the produce section around the cabbages and such.


ALSO!! It may take a couple of days, but you should notice an improvement almost immediately after the first or second application. Give it a couple days!


Please!!! You must certainly be kidding to use Tilex or Lysol directly on your skin, let alone drinking the stuff!!! If you do, the least of your problems will be athletes foot. I can sympathize with the desperate situation but dont go overboard.


so does the fennel really work.?d sounds interesting.


to the 'healthcare worker' who claims coming in contact with bleach is dangerous is an idiot or a fraud. it has been proven time and again that coming in contact and ingesting as much as a litre of bleach (in an child) is pretty harmless... though it probably isn't something that should be recommended.

furthermore, what kind of 'healthcare worker' thinks that you can actually impact melanin with bleach? i suspect this person is a medical secretary (or one of those people that did a 6 month course at a community college so they could learn to weigh people and measure their height before a check-up) with a big mouth rather than anyone equipped to care for a person in any way other than directing them to the appropriate part of a hospital or a clinic.


This Tilex remedy really works. Apply it for 2-3 minutes ONLY, if it starts stinging/burning immediately rinse your feet with water and soap. In 2 days you will start seeing result.DONT APPLY IT MORE THAT 1 WEEK. start using cornstarch to mantain your feet dry and wash you sock with clorox and HOT water to kill any resistanct fungus. Try it! make sure you have easy access to the bathroom in case it starts burning.

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