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Stop Athlete's Foot for good! When your feet feel like they are burning and itching, just spray some TILEX MOLD AND MILDEW REMOVER on them. It will relieve the burning and itching and make them feel good. Wait for about 3 minutes and wash off with water. If you had Athlete's foot for years, doing this 2 times for only 2 days will fully cure your Athlete's Foot!!!! Just read the bottle, it says right on it that it KILLS ATHLETE'S FOOT FUNGUS! And it does!!!!

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Who would drink TILEX ?


Hahahahahaha.. You guys are HILARIOUS! Well I take it everyone who is reading this has/had athlete's foot. This sucks! I'm gonna try a few of these concoctions, hopefully one of them will work.


PLease do not drink Tilex.


Bleach is perfectly harmless. AS LONG AS YOU DO NOT DRINK IT!!! To the healthcare worker you should know this if you really work in a medical environment. We wash our dishes with it. We even take baths in it... not a lot it though. I love it!! You come out sqeeky clean. Try it and let me know how you like.


I have a nice steaming cup of Tilex™ every morning! Freshens breath! Whitens teeth!



1-Yes, it does say that it kills the athletes foot fungus on the bottle, but combined with the other ingredients (I.E. bleach) and the fact that it also explicity states that it causes skin irritation, I do believe that the product is intended to kill the fungus on floors or in showers, not on the human body.

2-The person who suggested that you should drink Tilex needs to be removed from society before they kill someone. Drink bleach?! Are you effin' kidding me?


Um, when it says it kills Athlete's Foot fungus, I believe it's referring to the fungus left in your tub or shower, NOT the fungus directly on your skin. Putting harsh chemicals onto skin can never be a good idea. Think and be safe about things!


I would NOT say Bleach is only harmfull if u drink it (in which by the way who would be silly enough to do that)!! I once had a cleaning frenzie using bleach diluted & straight cleaning everything possible in my home.My house was beautiful & clean & I was very Happy UNTIL that night when my hands arms feet legs & face swelled up & I became violently ill due to usen bleach with out gloves standing on wet floors that had been cleaned with bleach & breathing it in. I suffer badly condition some what crossed withbar rot & athletes foot that no creams doctors scripts helped let alone cured & Im desperate to find a cur but theres NO WAY I'DE USE BLEACH especially if u have open wounds in the infection!!


I suspect that the foot fungus might feed on dead or dry skin, at least until it gets established in your system. Using bleach might cure fungus on the surface but it will likley dry out and kill your skin giving the remaining fungus more to grow on.


Here you have a site intended to help people with non life threatening medical issues come up with inexpensive ways to help themselves, and I'll be a bug if ignorance hasn't found it's way on here. What is it about the internet that drives people to act stupid and hostile towards each other? Just because you can hide safely behind your monitor with no fear of repercussions for bad behavior doesn't give anyone the right to come on here an act like a total jackass. What's really sad is that this site is primarily used by alleged adults. Alot of the comments posted in reference to this topic and others are highly unnecessary and uncalled for.

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