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John Martin

Ladies and gentlemen... Why do you put yourselves through such unnecessary agony? I once had abscessed teeth so bad that I LITERALLY contemplated suicide to rid myself of the pain. And I do not say this as a joke. Nonetheless, the solution to the problem was right in front of me the whole time and it cost ZERO dollars.

STEP 1: Know what the infection really is!!! The only reason you are going through all that freakin' pain from HELL is because you have an underlying infection that is built up and putting pressure on the nerves and roots of your teeth. The more pressure, the more pain! The majority of this infection (even though it does not feel like it) is in the roof of your mouth.

STEP 2: All you have to do is relieve that pressure with a small peace of ice. DO NOT PLACE THE ICE DIRECTLY ON YOUR TOOTH!!!... it's tempting but trust me, you will only make it worse! Just take a small piece of ice and place it between the top of your tongue and the roof of your mouth. DO NOT press on it. Just let it set there and melt. It only take about a minute. Do this about 5 times.

STEP 3: Do you need a step three? If you tried the first two steps... you're already putting your gun away.

STEP 4: Go to a dentist! What? You really needed me to say that?

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I have had an excrusiating toothache all day. I decided to try the ice on the roof of the mouth. I an on my third piece of ice and the pain is nearly gone!Thank You!

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