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I also have severe toothache, I consult doctor he told to have root canal, but it was too expensive with out insurance. I was delaying for root canal. I used to get very severe pain, and was taking 4-5 powerful antibiotics and lot of Ibuprofen pills, still I have ache repeatedly after few days or weeks.

After seeing my agony my wife started praying for Jesus, and I also started praying . I got answer from Jesus. Next day I don't know why, but I took 3 table spoons of cooking oil and gargle it for 10 mins, again after some time 3 more spoons for 10 mins.

I never got that severe pain again. Some times I get minor ache, I gargle it goes thats all. Hope this will help you guys too....don't forget to pray Jesus, probably that is main the main part.


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God child

To God be the glory!! Jesus is a healer, and will always lead you in the right direction, unlike man..I will definetly try this remedy, thank you and pray that the Lord our God forgive the ignorant for they know not what they do!! God bless you, Gopi!!


How ignorant can you be...making fun of someone for their faith. Maybe praying doesn't work for you because youre too close-minded and trendy to even consider that perhaps we are capable of obtaining healing in ways that aren't necessarily scientific. No matter what religion you are, faith is a powerful thing. I won't get preachy but If you trust Him, God will do amazing things in your life.


PTL God is Wonderful!! Gonna go and try that now. I am def a believer but turned to other things before God. Shame on me. Thanks for posting and remember Jesus will bless those persucuted for his name sake. I will pray for those who made the remarks. God can save you to and yes Jesus is still a healer. :)

Mrs. Falk

Thank you for posting this I'm going to try this and Good Lord willing it will work. For the person who was wondering about the scientific principal behind this look up oil pulling, it's a way of cleansing the body the oil pulls toxins out of your body.

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