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I also have severe toothache, I consult doctor he told to have root canal, but it was too expensive with out insurance. I was delaying for root canal. I used to get very severe pain, and was taking 4-5 powerful antibiotics and lot of Ibuprofen pills, still I have ache repeatedly after few days or weeks.

After seeing my agony my wife started praying for Jesus, and I also started praying . I got answer from Jesus. Next day I don't know why, but I took 3 table spoons of cooking oil and gargle it for 10 mins, again after some time 3 more spoons for 10 mins.

I never got that severe pain again. Some times I get minor ache, I gargle it goes thats all. Hope this will help you guys too....don't forget to pray Jesus, probably that is main the main part.


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Jesus was swallowed by the god fearing whale. Therefore Jesus had no time to fix your teeth because he was scrubbing the shit out of of the whales with his walk stick.


That was Jonah that was sollowed by a whale... Get your facts straight before you post a comment!!!!

The Messiah

Oh my freaking god... Are you freaking serious? Seriously? Jesus fixed your tooth? Do you have a receipt, or something. Hey, maybe all those people with terminal cancer should pray, too. Oh, wait! They already are!

And sheesh, have a sense of humor, will you--even if that sense of humor has some twisted sense in it.

But whadya know, Jesus solves anything. I've encountered fatalistic people in the internet, but not in the category of TOOTHDECAY!!!

This a Fail well beyond EPIC proportion...

Repent Now b'fore its too late....

I heard that people from the US were as holy as they come, you guys are full of shit, why do u think u were born, because of faith of one person on another, or let me see are you an orphan? Gopi, you are right dude, you must have faith. faith is good, it keeps us sane in this insane world. thanks dude...


I tried this and it worked for me. I do not know what medical science is behind this.....but it worked !



what type of cooking oil did you use? olive, vegetable etc...?


The Lord does work in mysterious ways. just because one man believes that praying works and suggests it doesnt mean its not true. He asked for a way to cure the tooth and he got a response. Just because you dont believe doesnt mean that others dont


Here he is trying to give you something that will help you (If you have this problem, If you don't, you're just wasting time.) and you are making fun of his faith, also mine. Pointless lampoon.


No one but Jesus says to gargle oil for ten minutes. I'm just imagining, but I bet you'll get mighty anointed just trying this.


Praise God for Jesus healed my toothache after Praying and then gargling with cooking oil.. God bless u Gopi for sharing your testimony...

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